Case of the Mondays

NLW asks: why the long face?

Your daily snapshot from our OnChainFX markets dashboard.

It’s been a wild first week since the launch of the new Messari PRO, where we’re building tools that marry our deep, evergreen asset profiles, with cross-sectional “comparables” data sets and time-series (i.e. trends) data.

Our first tool is a new and improved version of our OnChainFX filter, which allows you to create multiple saved screeners, and customize filters across 120+ metrics for all of the assets listed on Messari.

Check it out FREE for seven days.

That should at least be a partial cure for today’s glum crypto vibes.

As usual, NLW has his finger on the pulse with this week’s Narrative Watch. He blames ICO fatigue and persistent selling pressure from token insiders (sound familiar) as the current macro mood-killer.

Three exceptions to the surging apathy? Bitcoin, DeFi, and gaming/gambling dapps.

Here’s what else he’s keeping an eye on this week…


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Best of the Boards

This week we are highlighting some of the best user generated boards from the past week. Build your own, tweet it, and tag us us for a chance to be featured next week!

Stock-To-Flow modeling Bitcoin@burgercryptoAM

This board has an overview of all the major research on the stock-to-flow model as published by PlanB

Proof of Work resources - @anambroid

This board aggregates a range of data sources, articles and resources regarding the economy and economics of PoW.

Messari AMAs - @MessariCrypto

Every week we host an AMA with one of the projects on the Messari Registry. Keep track of all the conversations with this board that features links to all the transcripts.

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