Messari's "Reward Transparency" Initiative

announcing our next cohort of registry projects + new strategic partners

Hi friends,

We’ll be sending our regular paid subscribers’ post later today. In the meantime, though, we’re excited to share details regarding our latest cohort of registry members. We’re also pleased to unveil a broader initiative we’ve been working on with several new strategic partners - Reward Transparency - that more tangibly incentivizes projects to join our registry by providing them with a range of free, discounted, or enhanced services from crypto service providers.

On the registry membership itself, we continue to add terrific new projects each week. We’re announcing eight new ones today, which brings our registry to 43 projects in total with an additional dozen projects (likely more) committed and to be announced in July and August.

New members include: Algorand, Flexa, HXRO, LO3, Particl, Scroll, TenX, and Zcoin.

The pace of new applications is accelerating (12 in Q4, 14 in Q1, and now 17 in Q2), while the the quality of projects remains high (we now have 20% of the top 40 by liquid market cap).

At the same time, we expect to announce more new major distribution partners and collaborators in Q3 with major exchanges and data aggregators. We already went live last week with a major one in Blockfolio, who’s proven to be an strong partner already.

In short, we’re making great strides towards creating a single source of truth for basic data in the crypto ecosystem, as we set out to do from Day 1.

Today, we’re adding even more good reasons to work with Messari.

BlockFi, Delphi Research, Flipside Crypto, and TokenSoft have all joined us as initial partners in our “Reward Transparency” initiative. Our goal is to coax more vendors and strategic partners to offer financial, tangible incentives to the projects and communities that are working hard to make their networks more transparent and their key metrics more intuitive and reliable. It’s a win-win for all involved.

  • BlockFi, a fast-growing crypto lending service, will offer registry projects a 10% bonus on interest payments, and a 0.25% reduction in borrow rates.

  • Delphi Digital, an institutional-focused research provider, will offer a 20% discount on both its Insights & Institutional Research products.

  • Flipside Crypto, a business intelligence service for crypto projects, will offer free analytics monitoring for its FCAS benchmark scores and subcomponents, free FCAS Alerts for 90 days, and a 10% discount on advanced tools (up to $10k / year).

  • TokenSoft, a token compliance services firm, will provide a 10% discount on all TokenSoft solutions & services.

  • Finally, we’re offering two comped Messari Pro subscriptions and discounts on our premium API services.

Help us in promoting this important initiative!

Are you a staking service, smart contract auditor, OTC desk, or other service provider that wants to offer rewards for our registry members?

Or an exchange or brokerage firm that wants to create a “knowledge center” for users so they can make more informed investment and purchase decisions?

Or a project that wants to join our movement as a registry member?

Email us at to get involved.

We’re making phenomenal progress towards building out a base data layer for the global crypto economy. But we need your help to get all the way there.



P.S. We’re hiring like crazy on the engineering side. If you are an engineer who’s fascinated with the fundamentals of the crypto economy, and want to help us build out automated token project disclosures and professional-grade data and research tools, drop us a line by replying to this email, hitting us up through our careers page, and/or sliding into our DMs on twitter.