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We’ll keep things short this week. Bitcoin is back over $10,000. Enjoy your weekend and make sure you keep track of real time prices on our OnChainFX dashboard.

📚 Messari’s weekend reads:

This weeks AMA was with Jack Zampolin from Tendermint. Jack gave a detailed look at Cosmos and some future plans for the project. Make sure you check out the transcript if you missed it. Anyone can join our community Telegram to catch our weekly AMAs or just chat with the Messari team.

And now on to some updates from our Registry members.

✅ Updates from the Messari Registry Members:

Have a good weekend y’all.

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Content and thoughts from around the web as summarized by the Messari team.

🔁[Analysis] Uniswap and Kyber Institutional Report - Delphi Digital (June 2019)

Delphi Digital released their institutional report on the Uniswap exchange on Thursday that analyzes the Kyber Network and Uniswap in tandem. Regarding growth of the networks, Delphi Digital reports that:

Uniswap and Kyber have both experienced significant growth in 2019. Uniswap had ~30,500 ETH locked up in liquidity at the end of May, up from ~3,200 at the end of January. Kyber’s monthly trading volume was up to ~32M in May, with Feb-May volume equal to its 2018 total.

Diving a bit deeper, the report finds that:

Uniswap liquidity providers collect a small fee from trades, that accrues over time. Since inception in November to May, the DAI/ETH pool has accrued over 11% in fees (~20% annualized). This rate has been increasing over time with over 5% earned in the past 8 weeks.

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🦇[Analysis] BAT: A Dark Horse Worth Paying Attention To - Alex Gedevani (June 2019)

Facebook and Google are “attention merchants” as Tim Wu says, and they have succeeded in capturing the mind space of their users and selling it to advertisers. This business model built on attention is killer, but Internet advertising is not without its problems, and those issues are at the core focus of projects like Brave. In this analysis, Alex Gedevani unpacks the growth of the internet to date, the progression of regulators grappling with this new technology, and how users now want to take back their data from advertisers and "attention merchants." Gedevani unpacks how Brave is working to position itself to disrupt online advertising and potential new trends in online data management, advertising, and "attention merchandising" that could emerge with a new wave of personal privacy. (share or read more)

Quick Bits (Don't read that, I read it for you)

Choke Points (Exchange News)

  • 📱Bakkt has brought on a former Google consultant as it inches closer to releasing a product, according to reporting by The Block. Chris Peterson, formerly a Google UX consultant, joined Bakkt early in Jun as the company works to roll out a mobile application for a digital asset wallet, called Bakkt Pay. (share or read more)

  • 🦊Coinbase's exchange and wallet service was attacked using Firefox’s zero-day security flaw, according to a recent tweet from Coinbase security researcher Philip Martin. In fact, Martin found that there were two separate Firefox zero-day attacks. (share or read more)

Startup Signals (ICOs, Cryptos, and Startups)

  • 🐜Bitmain, the world’s biggest producer of cryptocurrency mining chips, is reviving plans for an initial public offering, according to Bloomberg. The company is working with advisers to prepare for a U.S. IPO that could take place as soon as the end of 2019, according to Bloomberg's sources. (share or read more)

  • ⚡️Lightning Labs released its first mobile app on Wednesday, and according to Lightning Labs application developer Tankred Hase the app received roughly 2,000 users downloaded the app across both iOS and Android, CoinDesk reports. (share or read more)

The Powers That Be (Legal/Reg/Policy)

  • 📹YouNow, a video platform designed to reward users with cryptocurrency, has filed a Reg-A+ offering circular for its Props token with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), according to CoinDesk. If approved, YouNow could distribute Props to content creators, network transaction validators and others without registering the tokens as securities. (share or read more)

  • 🤔The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has finalized its recommendations on regulating cryptocurrencies for its 37 member countries, according to breaking news from CoinDesk. These standards include a controversial requirement that “virtual asset service providers” (VASPs), including crypto exchanges, pass information about their customers to one another when transferring funds between firms.(share or read more)

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