Messari's Weekend Reads - Issue #40 😎

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Whats a public crypto company worth? There are certainly unicorns in the space but we have yet to see how they would be valued in public markets. This week we took a look at a potential IPO candidate, Digital Currency Group, and used a sum of the parts analysis to estimate a valuation range. It’s in the billions, but if you want to see exactly how much you’ll need to subscribe.

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Messari’s weekend reads:

Community updates:

Over the last few weeks our community analysts have been hard at work building out the “Investopedia” of crypto. More than 80 pages have been completed with many with additional boards to take your learning to the next level.

This week our top contributors were George Adams, Aidan Mott, Regan Grishaber, Steve Miller, and Ryan Watkins. Go give them a follow and keep up to date with all their awesome work!

We have big things in store for our analysts, and are excited for what’s to come! If you’re interested in joining email with some examples of work you’ve written.

Registry updates:

Across projects on the Messari Registry there were a few significant updates this week. Check them out on our weekly updates board and remember to create and share your own boards for a chance to be featured in Monday’s newsletter.

Upcoming events:

  • Ryan will be leading a panel on Market Infrastructure and Data Transparency on September 17, 2019 at the second installment of The Path Forward for Digital Assets in NYC. Check out the event here.

  • Jack will be at the CoinAlts Fund Symposium in Chicago on September 26. If you will be at the event let us know on Twitter.

Have a good weekend y’all.

- The Messari Team

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Messari Compression Algorithm

Content and thoughts from around the web as summarized by the Messari team.

🔍 [Research] Bitcoin as an uncorrelated asset class

Throughout its 10 years of existence, Bitcoin has by and large been uncorrelated with other macro asset classes such as equities, fixed income, gold, and oil.

This empirical observation, combined with the thesis that Bitcoin could be an effective hedge against global fiat and banking systems, makes it an attractive source of diversification for institutional and individual portfolios.

(click here to see the full analysis)

Quick Bits (Don't read that, I read it for you)

Choke Points (Exchange News)

  • 📱 Coinbase Wallet users can now use their decentralized apps (dapps) on any desktop browser with Coinbase Wallet’s WalletLink. Coinbase announced that Compound, dYdX, IDEX and Maker are launching support for WalletLink. Coinbase also announced that it is open-sourcing WalletLink to make it available for any dapp developer and any wallet that wants to integrate it into their product. (share or read more)

  • 💰 According to recent LinkedIn post, Circle is hiring a General Partner to raise a $100 million venture capital fund. The firm acquired SeedInvest earlier this year, and will be looking to leverage their deal flow and network of investors. (share or read more)

Startup Signals (ICOs, Cryptos, and Startups)

  • 🤝 Blockstack PBC has received a strategic investment from $50 billion Japanese tech giant Recruit Holdings, according to The Block. As part of the deal Recruit will purchase STACK tokens which are also being sold through a qualified SEC offering in the U.S. (share or read more)

  • 🚀 Polkadot's ($DOT) experimental "canary" chain launched today with the goal of providing a sandbox for developers and even encouraging them to break the protocol. Kusama mimics what they can expect in Polkadot - deploying parachains, staking, nomination, validation, and even participating in governance. (share or read more)

The Powers That Be (Legal/Reg/Policy)

  • 🏛 Central bankers, economists, financial organizations and government representatives from around the world are meeting in Jackson Hole for a week long symposium titled "Challenges for Monetary Policy." This year's conference is highly anticipated given the global macroeconomic situation and fears of an impending recession. Focus will be on signaling from the U.S. Fed regarding a likely rate cut at the September meeting, the second since the Great Recession. (share or read more)

Did I miss something?

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