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We are ecstatic to share the 1.0 release of Messari Pro today, along with a new transparent, and comprehensive set of our methodologies for analyzing cryptoassets.

Our mission from day one has been to help people make smarter decisions in crypto by providing transparent and easy to understand data and tools.

The new Pro product is the most recent step in that direction. It’s our most powerful analysis tool yet.

Messari Pro

As with any nascent industry, cutting through the noise can be challenging, and the constant launch of new platforms and metrics - coupled with unreliable sources of information - make it especially hard in crypto.

Our new Pro screener gives you the power to sort, screen, and filter across more than 100 metrics and classifications using Messari's industry-leading data. For now, you can create and save multiple screeners and share them among friends or colleagues for fast access to keep tabs on trends, portfolios, or daily movers.

In the coming months, Pro users will also gain access to new tools we’re working on like custom charting (time-series data) and comp builders (cross-sectional data).

Messari Pro is available now, and you should all sign up for a seven-day free trial here. (Unqualified Opinions paid subscribers are already white listed.)

Messari Methodology

One of the biggest constraints in creating quality analysis for cryptoassets is the lack of a "common language." Measures like Market Cap are calculated differently from platform-to-platform and classifications like sector vary widely. Today we are releasing a comprehensive framework for defining and calculating metrics in addition to a taxonomy for understanding and comparing cryptoassets and protocol functionalities.

This methodology is comprised of two main sections: a list of 100+ quantitative metrics and a list of 15+ qualitative classifications. You will also find the finer details of our proprietary methods with respect to the four most important metrics: price, volume, supply, and market capitalization.

As with any industry standard, these methodologies are only as powerful as the people that use them. If you have ideas or feedback please contact our research team at


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