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Hey y’all - Today was a record-setting type of awful bicoastal travel day so I’m chalking up this Monday as a loss, and starting again bright and early tomorrow.

(Not that you asked, but last night’s three hour ground delay became a full middle-of-the-night flight reschedule with my gate checked bags flying ahead of me, and my (delayed) makeup flight this afternoon of the “back middle seat with a fully reclined eight year old” variety. Sh*t happens, but I bring this up because I know of at least three other crypto travelers who may have brought in similar excuses today. Allow me to vouch for them.)

Glass half full? There are some excellent community and Messari curated boards to check out below. In addition, you can expect a double feature tomorrow: another free post re our thoughts on the SEC, plus a paid subscribers’ only post.

As United would say, “we appreciate your patience and your business while we sort out the delay.”


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Best of the Boards

This week we are switching things up and highlighting some of the best user generated boards from the past week. Build your own, tweet it, and tag us us for a chance to be featured next week!

Championing Crypto - @mwill_crypto

A collection of stories that have bolstered the mindshare of bitcoin, and the overall crypto space, during recent weeks.

Initial Exchange Offerings - @ericturnr

A topical board covering initial exchange offerings (IEOs) which have grown in popularity across exchanges.

For the Bulls - @robustus

Did these bullish predictions turn out to be correct? Check out this board and see who was right about the markets.

Did I miss something?

Send me the link, your twitter handle and your best imitation compression algorithm write up. If I like it, I’ll include your bit next issue (with attribution).

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