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The Everything API

You may have noticed that Messari adopted a new tagline recently:

“Crypto intelligence, distributed.”

It speaks to our team’s broader ambitions to build a reliable base data layer for crypto, and serve as a noise filter for crypto pioneers. In both bull and bear markets.

We’re aggregating exchange data, blockchain data, project metrics and disclosures, curated news and analysis, and ultimately assembling those inputs into a dynamic portal that allows anyone to quickly come up to speed on any key person, project, company, trend, or news item.

Last week, we completed our OnChainFX integration.

Yesterday, we announced the initial cohort of our disclosures registry participants.

Today, we’re releasing the beta version of our API, which allows you to access any piece of information you see on Messari. For free.

We think that’s a pretty big deal. This QA page certainly gives me the warm and fuzzies every time I open it and the screen lights up:

I promise we won’t turn this daily into an overt marketing rag for Messari products. You guys want relevant analysis, data, and tight above-the-fold features. And we’re committed to continuing to deliver that.

But we know many of you might also dig having direct pipes to Messari’s back-end.

So check it out, and share your thoughts on how you think we can better build the industry’s best market intelligence product.


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News & Analyses

Messari Compression Algorithm

Content and thoughts from around the web as summarized by the Messari team.

🚧 [Analysis] Bitcoin ETFs roadblocked by lack of safeguards

The head of the Securities and Exchange Commission has said that concern over a lack of investor protections makes it unlikely that the SEC will approve a bitcoin exchange-traded fund anytime soon. Chairman Jay Clayton spoke at CoinDesk’s Consensus Invest conference on Tuesday, and worried that cryptocurrencies can still be too easily stolen or manipulated on exchanges. (Messari | Source)

💰 [Analysis] A thread on Ethereum economic abstraction – Eric Conner

Ethereum economic abstraction theory states that users could pay their transaction costs to miners in something other than the native token, therefore if that becomes rampant the native token has no value. This is false as:

  • It is irrational for a user to do this as it adds friction and is a UX nightmare

  • Users will need to pay extra transaction fees to do this

  • Calculating gas costs with multiple tokens becomes incredibly complicated

  • Miners will likely not want to hold multiple different tokens

  • The value of ETH doesn't come entirely from gas fee especially with the introduction of PoS

(Messari | Source)

Quick Bits (Don't read that, I read it for you)

Choke Points (Exchange News)

  • 🔧 Bitstamp announced Tuesday that it is implementing the Irisium surveillance platform, which is used by the Asia Pacific Exchange, to monitor for suspicious activity and market manipulation. (Messari | Source)

  • 🚀Nasdaq Inc. is moving ahead with a plan to list bitcoin futures by the first quarter of 2019. (Messari | Source)

Startup Signals (ICOs, Cryptos, and Startups)

  • 🏠 Harbor has officially launched its security token compliance platform and is moving to offer digitized shares in a high-rise building located in in South Carolina. (Messari | Source)

  • 👾 A vulnerability on the popular Javascript library event-stream, used for streaming data in Node.js applications, affected BitPay’s Copay wallet application allowing malevolent actors to steal bitcoin and bitcoin cash from accounts using BitPay’s Copay wallet application. (Messari | Source)

The Powers That Be (Legal/Reg/Policy)

  • 🏛 Bitmain is facing a class action lawsuit for over $5 million that alleges unauthorized crypto mining by the firm. On Nov. 19, the lead plaintiff filed the case alleging that the firm’s devices use customers’ resources to mine cryptos for its own benefit prior to full setup. (Messari | Source)

  • 🐕  The number of inquiries into businesses involved in cryptocurrencies in the UK has doubled since May, according to figures from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In addition, the regulator said it had received seven whistle-blowing reports from concerned employees of crypto businesses this year. (Messari | Source)

Did I miss something?

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BONUS: Qiao swung by Jeffrey Tong’s “Smartest Contract” podcast to chat all things crypto, and provide some updates on what we’re working on at Messari.

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