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A less crappy Unqualified Opinions podcast

There are a LOT of good crypto podcasts.

As you may have noticed, we’ve been spending a good deal of time experimenting with our own format on Periscope because we really wanted to see a daily show that tackled the top trends, announcements, and people in crypto, on a more predictable cadence.

Mainstream financial media shows have defined time slots, but they generally…umm…don’t go very deep on the industry’s inner workings. Our industry media on the other hand, can be pretty scattershot in quality and consistency.

The new Unqualified Opinions pod is designed to bring you a new TED-talk length, live, and interactive interview each day. Little fluff, and a bunch of rapid fire questions that I hope will prove tough, but thorough and fair for the guests. (Good for listeners.)

We racked up 75k views on our shitty little Periscope production in the past five weeks. And given the positive response (and the support of our sponsors at TokenSoft and TokenTax), we thought it was time to professionalize things.

Let us know how you think we’ve been doing so far, by giving us a million stars and “smashing that subscribe button.”

Image result for hello fellow kids

If you don’t, I’ll be sad. (Because I really think you’ll like the show.)

Here’s a partial list of the amazing interviews you can catch on iTunes and Spotify.

  • Erik Voorhees on the new ShapeShift

  • Lily Liu on the insane story of the 21 / Earn near-bankruptcy and turnaround

  • Bill Barhydt on bringing the stock market to bitcoin via Abra

  • Nadav Hollander on DeFi and the rise of Dharma’s margin product

  • Jony Levin on on-chain forensics at Chainalysis

  • Marc Bhargava on the tools Tagomi is building to usher in big money to crypto

  • Sergey Nasarov on how Chainlink connects real world data to smart contracts

  • Taylor Monahan on accidentally building crypto custody juggernaut, MyCrypto

And so many more. :)

Who do you want to see me interview next?


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Best of the Rest - What We Missed Last Week

Every weekend, we dig through the past week’s posts from crypto’s other great sources of content to see what we missed in our own weekend reads.

Here’s us curating the curators:

Past, Present, Future: From Co-ops to Cryptonetworks - Jesse Walden
(h/t Circle Research )

Jesse Walden compares the technical and social networks created by digital assets and their underlying protocols to cooperative environments, which usually struggle from inadequate or misaligned incentives. “Cryptonetworks” are are a relatively new phenomenon that introduce voluntary, profitable, and relatively flat organizations to new and existing capital markets. Understanding and optimizing for the strengths of “cryptonetworks” allows users to leverage cooperative governance that can be both efficient and representative, a combination that cooperative and corporate organizations cannot match.

Crypto in 2019: Kleiner Perkins 5 Focus Areas - Kleiner Perkins
(h/t @Token Economy)

Kleiner Perkins outlines five areas of the digital asset industry that are especially important to monitor in 2019 including security tokens, institutional financial infrastructure, and gaming projects. Regarding gaming specifically, the increasingly ubiquitous use of and experimentation with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is springboarding a multitude of crypto-native and legacy gaming projects from baseball cards and chess to adventure role-playing games and a continuous stream of CryptoKitties riffs. Interfacing with and building atop blockchains is almost universally seen as a valuable growth strategy for mainstream crypto adoption, and 2019 promises big things from team tackling this.

An Introduction to Blockchain Finality - Raul Jordan
(h/t @Token Daily)

For all the criticism aimed at blockchain hype over the last two or three years, the finality of on-chain transaction settlement is one of the most important truths involved in this new technological and financial industry, no matter how imperfect it’s communicated. Raul Jordan explains how network effects, financial incentives and energy consumption requirements combine to create the conditions where transactions on a proof-of-work blockchain like Bitcoin affords radically secure ownership. Jordan also addresses common conceptual misnomers common to blockchain lingo (e.g. “wallets” and “keys”).

Did I miss something?

Send me the link, your twitter handle and your best imitation compression algorithm write up. If I like it, I’ll include your bit next issue (with attribution).

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