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I arise from my fever dream to bring you this very special newsletter!***

To kick off a new month on the right foot, allow me to share three of the links that sit in my Chrome bar for easy access and regular revisits.

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I promise they will be better than the crock that I just drafted and discarded for today. (Something about Tron’s Justin Sun sit down with Warren Buffett actually being good news, because all marketing is good marketing if enough people believe in the narrative. Anyway, you can see why I thought better of sending it, because sometimes you just gotta take an L, hit delete, and live to fight another day as a writer.)

My top three recommended non-crypto posts:

The Things Proven to Make You Happier - Be grateful, do what you’re good at regularly, spend time with people you actually like, etc. If some of this feels like you’re reading a bunch of fortune cookies, click through to the links for fuller, richer articles. I use this one as a go-to when bitcoin makes me sad with a $1,000 sell candle.

The Tail End - Instead of measuring your life in units of time, you can measure it in activities or events. Most of us are on the back nine for at least some of the events that we really care about. This post helps me remember to cut back on crypto twitter, and actually text my real-life friends.

Mental Models - If you’re an entrepreneur or any decision maker, you can get overwhelmed with the sheer number of decisions you need to make in a given day, not to mention the frequent high-stakes. I’ll often visit this link when I’m really stuck on something. Nine times out of ten, I get unstuck after less than a quarter of the post.

Still need your crypto fix?

Zoom down to the best of the boards and check out the new curated resource pages that some of our users have put together on crypto tax, Kin’s “Defend Crypto” initiative, and blockchain-powered gaming.


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***I’ve had a couple of “cheat” posts like this in mind for days when my brain doesn’t work and/or I’ve been hit by a plague. I hope you enjoy the suggested links. They’re still my three favorite revisits to date. Want premium amazing research tomorrow, Wed and Thurs?

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Best of the Boards

This week we are highlighting some of the best user generated boards from the past week. Build your own, tweet it, and tag us us for a chance to be featured next week!

TokenTax - @tokentax

Confused by the various tax and regulatory issues that impact crypto? Check out this board from our friends at TokenTax for a comprehensive list of resources to help level up your understanding.

Defend Crypto - @WilsonWithiam

Speaking of regulation, the Defend Crypto movement has been a hot topic over the past couple of weeks. Wilson Withiam of Circle Research built this board that covers all of the news and events surrounding the campaign. Make sure you also read our post on the topic from last week.

Blockchain-powered gaming - @proofofnews

Blockchain has long been discussed as a natural compliment to the gaming industry. Get up to speed on what it means and how it works with this board covering some background and updates on the topic.

Did I miss something?

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